Beauty: How to get healthy glowing skin: My Skincare Routine

Following this introduction, I will be sharing with you my skin-care products and telling you how I use them and for which skin types they are better for.

I have combination skin, which means that I am a combination of oily, dry and sensitive, which also means that I can use pretty much any of the products out there how I like on my skin. I do need to make sure that if a product is for dry skin, it goes on the part of my face that is dry (outer edge), for example, though.

I will also include the prices (£ and $) too.

Okay, let’s get to it!


Firstly, I take off any makeup that I have had on that day.

My favourite makeup remover is made by Garnier. I do not like the Simple makeup remover! It makes the skin very dry, so it might work if you are more so oily than dry skinned, but I wouldn’t bother trying it anyway, as it has a very weird smell.

Depending on how my skin is feeling overall, I will use a either of these two micellar waters. I like the oil-infused Cleansing Water better out of the two, just because it leaves my skin feeling fresher and moisturised already. I feel that the cleansing water without the oil is more so for oily skin, as it does sometimes dry out my skin ever so slightly.

Both of these are £4.00 for 400ml, so a £1.00 per 100ml, as you can probably work out yourself.


After my skin is makeup free, I will clean it further to get any remaining makeup out of my pores, as that is what causes spots!

To do this, I use the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser. This, honest to god, is so thorough with cleansing my pores especially and smells good too. It does give you a somewhat healthy glow after using it, and that is because the process you do to use it is actually used in spas:

What you have to do with it is to lather the product onto your skin in upwards motions so that you’re not dragging your skin around. Doing that will give you early wrinkles, which we don’t want!

Next, you need to soak a face cloth in some warm water. After you have done that, place it over the top of your face (so that you can still breathe) and lie and wait for a couple of minutes so that your pores open and take in the product. After that, you just rinse your face. This may sound like a kefuffle, but it works ever so well.

Something else that I feel that I should mention is that with each pump, the product is pushed up from the bottom. This means that you can use every single drop of the product and not waste any.

The product is meant for all skin types, so will work for absolutely anybody.

This costs £9.95 ($11.49), which is very reasonable.


This is a crucial part in every skin-care routine. Exfoliating your skin means that any dead cells or dry flakes of skin are removed. It can also help getting rid of spot scars. Your face is left feeling super smooth, which obviously makes for a better foundation application the following day. Only use an exfoliator twice a week, otherwise your skin isn’t going to feel the benefits.

The exfoliator that I use is rather expensive, as it is by Temple Spa, costing £27.00 for 100ml. I ask for it on occasions such as Christmas or my birthday due to the price. It smells amazing and summer-y, kind of like a smoothie, as the name Breakfast Smoothie suggests.

Another exfoliator that I have used in the past is one by Body Shop. It’s called the Tea Tree Oil Squeaky Clean Scrub, which is £7.50 ($16.00), so much more affordable.


Again, you should only use a mask twice a week so that your skin feels the benefits.

The mask that I use is by Avon, don’t judge me, and works very well for oily skin especially, as it is a mask that tightens the skin and dries down to the type of mask that you need warm water to remove. It goes on black and dries down to a light grey to indicate that is ready to be washed off. I recommend leaving it on a further five minutes after your whole face has turned a light grey, just because it has a bigger impact on the skin if you do that, in my opinion.

It leaves my face feeling very soft and baby-like.

It’s very affordable too. You get 75ml £3.00 ($6.99)! It lasts absolutely ages, but never put it in a warm place as it will dry out immediately and you won’t be able to use it again.


Toning your skin will allow it to have a better overall look. When you use toner, over time, it makes your skin tone look more even.

Any scars on your face that are quite red will be toned down, also, and even might go away, so it’s well worth investing in a good toner.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a toner, like me, you could alternatively use lemon juice, the type you squeeze onto pancakes, as it does the exact same job!

I use a toner by Simple and it works well enough for me if I’m not using lemon juice. It’s cheap, £3.00 ($7.79).

I used to use the Tea Tree Toner by Body Shop, which was £6.00 ($14.00), when I was younger, which helped with early acne a whole lot!

Keep in mind, if you’re just getting into skin-care, that toner will burn a little at first. Your skin just needs to adjust to it a little. No pain, no gain, right? Also, make sure that you pour this out onto a cotton pad and dab it onto your skin rather than swiping.


This is totally optional, but I have large pores so I like to use the pore minimizing toner by Simple once my facial toner has soaked into my skin just to try and reduce their size as well.

Use a cotton pad to dab this into your skin too, don’t swipe (Swiper, no swiping!)

This is £3.00 ($7.79) too.


Of course, the last step is to moisturise the hell out of your face! I like to use a body butter from No7 to moisturise on most days, but I do alternate moisturises just because I have so many. This specific product is £11.50 ($11.99).

As well as being a makeup junkie full time, I am a skin-care junkie part time.

If you can, use a TRULY CLEAN face brush or beauty blender (a cheap one from Primark should do) to apply moisturiser just so that it is the only thing going onto your face for this last step. It will also be easier to pat it into your skin when using a brush or sponge rather than rubbing harshly like you would feel complied to do with your fingers.T

It’s also very important to mention that you should change up your skin-care routine ever half a year, otherwise your skin will get used to the products you are using and they won’t “work” anymore. Always have a second army of products when you feel that your skin isn’t feeling it with the gang of products you’re using.

For those who are interested, this is what I look like without any face makeup:


Hope this long ass post helped!

Millie x


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