Beauty: Palette Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

5/5 stars *****
“An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening.”
I have been debating on whether I should buy this palette or not for a while, but I decided that I would just treat myself and go for it! For the life of me, I couldn’t find any dupes for this, as it is so unique to it’s colour selection.


Okay, so the packaging is just so professional and cute! It is velvet, which is great to the touch – but not so great for the perfectionist in all of us when it comes to getting something dirty. I kept mine in the box, used it one time, put it back in, then took it out again to photograph for this review, yet it is already dirty. It doesn’t really matter, but I kind of want to keep it as pristine as possible for the price it is, you know?
Aside from that, it just looks so… expensive! The lettering is actually in the velvet, and the brand name is rose gold – ROSE GOLD! The two fonts go to together very well too, so bravo for that.
It has magnets on the top of the lid so that it closes properly, but they are quite small, so not very noticeable, which I think is great attention to detail. The whole palette just seems very planned out, which is appealing to the eye and my heart, as I spent a lot of money on it!
You get a mirror the size of the lid with this too, covered with a plastic sheet, which is handy if you travel with it. There was also a plastic sheet over the shadows, so I was very glad about that when I opened it, as it seemed very thoughtful in a way… I still have that plastic sheet over the mirror and shadows as I type this, in fact, so they’re going to good use even still!
Lastly, it is also very heavy, and we all know that heavier something is, the more money it will cost you
As you can see, the colours are also set out very nicely, and you get a brush that is actually useable! Hallelujah!


Like I said, these colours are very unique to this palette. You can get a couple of them as single eyeshadows from ABH’s website, but it actually works out cheaper to buy them within the palette, as you get a lot of colours unique to the Modern Renaissance palette thrown in too. The colours seem to be unique to only this palette in the entire world, it seems to be, as there are no dupes! None. Trust me, I have searched and searched for about half a year to find something that is similar to even one of these shadows, and it just isn’t possible. For that reason alone, if you like the colours, I would definitely say that you take the dive and buy this palette.
Each colour was inspired by modern renaissance painting’s, as the painters during that time period, here comes the history nerd in me, had a particular palette that they used, which was very warm tones, as is this palette, and varied colours. Finally, I will also say that each name relates back to those types of paintings, so there is consistency in this, which is great, as it shows that there was real thought put into this whole product.




Okay, so, for the price, you’d expect these shadows to be pretty pigmented, right? Well, you won’t be disappointed. All of the swatches below are of one swipe from the palette. Each shadow is very soft to the touch, which means that you only need to dip your brush in very lightly to gather the pigment that you need, also. In saying that, I do feel like, pigment wise, but definitely not texture wise, that drugstore shadows could eventually be built up to be this pigmented. It would take a lot of work, though, of course, but it was just a thought. Remember, though, you’re not going to find these colours anywhere else, so that makes my point redundant if you’re buying this for the colours rather than texture and quality.
Left to right:
Tempera: is a beige shimmer, perfect for your inner corner highlight or even your brow-bone highlight! On the ABH website, it says that it is a matte, but I don’t agree. I think it is more of a shimmery colour., but not as obvious a shimmer colour as a couple others.
Golden Ochre: is a matte orange-y yellow colour – kind of like a tea stain colour to me, and it is so good as a transition shade, believe me!
Vermeer: is a pink/shell shimmer, or metallic finish, shade, and is oh so beautiful! It works as a lid shade as well as an inner corner highlight, so it’s quite versatile.
Buon Fresco: is a matte lavender, which I feel, is the same shade of lavender that the velvet is on this palette, which is a sweet link to have. This perfectly compliments the two deep pink shades as a transition colour, but it also works on it’s own for a simpler look.
Antique Bronze: is a shimmery bronze, but it is that kind of bronze that is genuine, you know? Nowadays, all bronze colours all seem to be quite orange toned, but not this one. It’s definitely comparable to that of real bronze, as in the metal, especially because of it’s shimmer qualities.
Love Letter: is a matte deep raspberry reddish pink colour, which is actually very pretty in your crease, and it does work as a lid colour, of course. It’s just as bold as it is in the pan and swatched on my arm on my eye, so *claps* well done, ABH! Pink colours are usually very dulled down when you dip your brush into them and I’m almost always disappointed with them, so this is a revelation.
Cyprus Umber: is a matte dark brown, described as a dark coffee shade. I agree with ABH here, it definitely reminds me of a strong coffee, if not a tad darker.
 Left to Right:
Raw Sienna: is a matte gingerbread colour, I think, but ABH have called it an neutral amber, which I agree with, but it isn’t neutral at all. It’s definitely warm toned, just like all but one of these shades.
Burnt Orange: is a matte autumn leaf colour, which is a shade darker than Raw Sienna, though they look similar. I used them together in the crease when I was messing around with this palette yesterday, and they fitted together like the perfect puzzle and seemed to work with any lid colour that I tried with them.
Primavera: Is a shimmer with gold flecks mixed with rose gold flecks too, which ends up looking absolutely gorgeous together. Again, this is very versatile and can be used on the lid or on the inner corner. It’s just so pretty!
Red Ochre: is a matte dried blood colour, I like to call it. I love this shade ever so much on the lid especially, but, like most of these shades, it works in the crease also to deepen it a little.
Venetian Red: is a matte blood red, which ties in very well with Red Ochre as it’s transition colour. It is actually darker than Love Letter, yet in the pan they look almost identical, but don’t be fooled! They are completely different colours. I think that is a factor that puts people off this palette: they think that some of the colours are just slight copies of each other when they definitely are not.
Warm Taupe: is a matte grey-y brown, and actually my least favourite in the palette, but that’s not to say that I don’t like it still. It’s still a cool colour, but not only does it not swatch as well as the rest of the shades, as you can see, but it doesn’t fit in with the theme of the palette, which is warm tones. Taupe is very cool toned, and nothing in the world can make taupe warm, or else it isn’t taupe anymore. Not even adding warm in front of the word taupe is going to make it warm, ABH. Nice try…
Realgar: is a brick red, and although it looks similar to Red Ochre, it isn’t. It has much deeper brown tones to it than Red Ochre, making it it’s own shade. The only dupe I could find in this entire palette was for this shade, but it’s not even a very accurate dupe. That dupe is from the Makeup Revolution Light and Shade palette, which I have a review for here (with swatches).

Lasting Power

These shades last all day, no doubt, and I have no doubt that they would last long into the night, either. They are so pigmented even after a full day of wear right from 5:00am until midnight, which was how long I wore these shadows.


There is virtually none if you dip your brush in very softly and blend softly. These shadows are very soft, meaning that they are very soft on the eyes, so you need to keep that in mind when using them. There is a few bits of fallout in the pan when you tap your brush into it, but I don’t see that as a huge problem.


These shadows blend together seamlessly, giving a gradient effect with absolutely no problems at all. You’d expect that, though, for the price.


They don’t smell of anything, not even something like talc, so you may see that as either a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know. You might want them to smell of, say, roses. Though, I have learned, that the more something smells, the more streaky it will be due to the ingredients needed to make it smell that way (nice smells, that is)


Finally, we get to the actual price, as I keep mentioning how expensive it is, but not stating exactly… This retails for £41.00, which is the most expensive thing I own, let alone eyeshadow palette.

Should You Buy This?

Yes, yes, yes! I know that it is expensive, but we all need to treat ourselves here and there. Besides, this palette it totally worth the £41.00 because of the quality of it and the quantity of the shadows, so you’re getting both quality and quantity with this purchase. What more could you need or want?
As well as going on the eye great, they also come off with makeup remover ever so easily, which is so handy, and something that not a lot of people mention about any palette. Some shadows are just so hard to remove, but these leave the eye like a dream, meaning that your lids don’t get all red and raw.
Anyway, so, yes, buy this palette whenever you can, because it truly is a one in a million kind of thing, and I know that ABH says that it is permanent, so there really is no rush.
Also, it’s cruelty free, and who doesn’t like cruelty free brands and products? It’s defiantly a win win palette, even if it does set you back by £41.00, but you only get to live once, so you might as well do it in style.
Thank you for reading! I hope that this review helped you make a decision on what you want to do about this palette,
Millie x

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  1. DELIGHTESH says:

    Such a great review! I own this palette and it’s one of my faves!


    1. Thanks! My fave of all time is actually not this palette, believe it or not, it is the Salted Caramel palette by Iheartmakeup. Review up today for that!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I want to review this palette sometime soon too – i love it just as much. (i follow back xo)


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