Beauty: Palette Review: Makeup Revolution : Ultra Contour Light and Shade

4/5 STARS ****

So I’ve been dying to try this palette ever since it came out, because I love the Kat Von D colours in her Light and Shade palette, and I knew that Makeup Revolution would do good dupes of those colours. The quality may not be the same, but for a drugstore palette that’s under £10.00, I’d say that they’re decent matches and quality.


I think that this is cute and simple packaging. It displays the colours well and looks very aesthetically pleasing, which I like very much. The layout of the shades is basically identical to the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette, but the actual packaging of this is not. It’s just plastic, but not a very strong plastic, mind. For the price, though, I’m not complaining. I know for a fact that the Kat Von D palette looks and feels it’s price. This one does too, so there’s the similarity for you… 😀


So as you can see, the above picture is not mine, therefore has to be the Kat Von D swatches.

Now for the Makeup Revolution ones:

The bases
The bases
the first trio
the first trio
the second trio
the second trio
the last trio
the last trio


The top shade is the warm base that you should use with the three shades underneath in the palette to create a warm toned eye look. It’s pretty pigmented and could double up as a blush if you’d want it to be that.

The second down is the cool toned base, which you should use with the middle three shades to create a cool toned look. I’ve used this shade to contour my cheeks before, not just my eye, so this is also great for pale skin to contour. Generally, as a rule of thumb, paler tones should contour with grey shaded contour so this is actually perfect for that.

The bottom shade is for neutral toned eye looks that should be used with the first three shades found directly underneath it. It will create a neutral eye look, as you may have already guessed… this also doubles up as a setting powder for under my eyes. This will only work if you are as pale as paper, as am I! – Joking… I’m a warmer shade or two darker.

These are the first three shades, and, as I have already mentioned, they create a neutral toned look when used together. They are fairly pigmented, if not a little powdery when you swatch them. On the eye, though, they don’t have too much fallout at all, surprisingly. I adore the middle red colour, especially. It reminds me of Copper by Makeup Obsession (which you can see in my Red-Toned Grunge tutorial).

The white is for highlighting your browbone or the inner corner of your eye, the red to define your crease and the brown to contour your eye (which must be done before you define it!). You don’t have to use them for this, but it’s their intended purposes.

In this picture, you can see how powdery the shades can be, but, like I just said, they don’t look too bad on the lid at all. Being quite powdery makes them easily blendable for some reason! Not complaining!

Like before, the top colour is to highlight, the middle to define your crease and the bottom brown to contour your eye (which, again, must be done first!) Like I’ve already said, they don’t need to be used in this way, but this is what Kat Von D said to do on the back of her palette and have you seen her make-up?! Gorgeous!

These swatches are a little messy, but you can clearly see the colours which is the main thing! The bottom red is a lighter of the first and is supposed to be used to contour the crease, apparently, the middle to define and the top to highlight whatever you want to highlight.

These shades are powdery, yes, but they blend together quite well on the eye. You can see in the picture above that there is a little fall out too, but it’s easy to get rid of with the flick of a brush. Unlike the W7 Colour Me Nude Palette (which I have a review for here), the colours don’t stain your cheeks. In saying that, I would advise to do foundation etc. after you use these shadows.

They stay on for about 5 or 6 hours before fading a little, I found.


This is £8.00 right now, which is an amazing price for the quality of these shadows. It’s less than 66p per pan… I don’t know why I calculated that, but I did so it’s going in this review, okay! Okay…


No smell!

Should You Buy This?

If you can’t afford or don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the Kat Von D palette, then yes you should buy this palette! My reasoning for not saving up and buying the Kat Von D Shade and Light palette is that on my eye, nobody is going to see a brand name. Also, I can reach a better pigment if I can work the shadows to my advantage. Their pigment can be easily improved with water, you know what I mean?

The colours are cool, nevertheless, even if they aren’t an exact dupe for the Kat Von D one, they’re pretty . The price is reasonable for what you get and it is always interesting to try a palette that is supposed to be duping another one!

I think that I will upload a post with each eye look you are supposed to do with this palette soon!

Hope this helped,

Millie x


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  1. DELIGHTESH says:

    great review! I might get it as it is such a cheap palette!


    1. It’s honestly an everyday kind of palette as you can do so many looks with it!


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