Beauty: Palette Review : I Heart Makeup Salted Caramel


4.75 STARS OUT OF 5!

Recently, I have gotten into Makeup Revolution, and a sister brand to Makeup Revolution, as most of us know, is ‘I Heart Makeup’, which is who this palette is manufactured by. ‘Freedom’ is another sister brand, but that is for another day.


This palette’s colours, are clear dupes for the Too Faced palette called Semi Sweet, but the packaging is not a dupe. I do, however, like the packaging for this cheaper version so much better than the Too Faced Semi Sweet palette which is almost quadruple the price also. The dripping chocolate just fits so well with the name and the palette is very unique and distinct in my makeup collection. Also, the colours have cute names too which makes me very happy. They are all on a plastic sheet which I am protecting like a baby, so it would’ve been nice to have them printed under the shades, but oh well!

It also has a full size mirror which is so handy, even though mine is a bit dirty… oops!


In this palette, you get a great selection of colours. Nine are shimmers and five are mattes. I am a matte person, but the shimmers are just so pretty that I find myself using them quite a bit on my lid and in my corners.

As far as the colours go for being dupes, and as far as I can tell (seeing as I don’t own the Too Faced palette because I am poor as f*ck) they are almost identical, just placed differently.

Here are the Too Faced Colours:

And here are the I Heart Makeup colours:

Left side of the palette
Left side of the palette
Right side of the palette
Right side of the palette

Now, the most important part:


These shades are ever so pigmented, especially for the price. They’re easy to work with and blend, and the pay off is so good! Finger swatching can be hit or miss, brush swatching is great, but putting the colours on your lid really does give you a good payoff, despite there sometimes being fallout. It is easily brushed away, nonetheless, and I tend to do my eyes before my base anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Delicious, Tempt, Heavenly, Drizzle and Enjoy
LEFT TO RIGHT: Delicious, Tempt, Heavenly, Drizzle and Enjoy

So Delicious is a matte base, Tempt is a matte black which is good for lining your lash line with, Heavenly is a vintage pink matte perfect for a crease or lid colour, Drizzle is a chocolatey brown which is good to put in your crease, and Enjoy is a shimmer good for all over the lid because it’s like semi shimmer.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Choc, Cake, Perfect, Crunch, Sweet and Fudge
LEFT TO RIGHT: Choc, Cake, Perfect, Crunch, Sweet and Fudge

Fudge, Crunch and Cake are all shimmers, though Cake is very sheer and very light and crumbly. Choc is a lighter version of Perfect, and isn’t as pigmented as the rest unfortunately. Sweet is the best colour in this palette as it is a ginger orange which I adore! I love to either put it on my lid or in my crease and make Autumnal, though we’re now in Winter it seems, looks.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Salted, Candy, Caramel, Spoon and Yum!
LEFT TO RIGHT: Salted, Candy, Caramel, Spoon and Yum!

All but Candy ares shimmers, beautiful shimmers at that. Spoon if my favorite because it’s a pretty vintage pink. All but Candy are also very pigmented. I find that the shimmers are more pigmented than the mattes, but matte formula is harder to get down so that’s okay!


This retails at £7.99, but currently (18/11/16) there is a 3 for 2 deal on at Superdrug, the only drugstore that does this make. You can buy it online also at TamBeauty, so get down there now and buy this palette if you like what you see! You can buy this on amazon for £11.99 and ship it internationally.


Yes! This palette smells of Salted Caramel… or maybe I just heard it did so now I’m convinced it does? Anyway, I always smell it so it is a nice smell, nevertheless.

Should You Buy This?

In my opinion, yes! It is well worth the money and the quality is high right down the materials used for the packaging. Makeup Revolution is well known for it’s quality, and it’s sister brand is no different. The lasting quality of these shadows is also amazing, so yay for that!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions relating to the palette or would like me to review another drugstore palette, please comment below to let me know!

Millie x


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  1. I’ve had this palette in my collection for a long time, and hit the pan in a lot of the shades! Defiantly my favourite drugstore eye palette, great post!


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