Beauty: Quick & Easy Neutral Eye With Freckles: Kendall Jenner Inspired

Kendall Jenner is just so gorgeous! There is no way anybody can disagree with me on that one, even if you don’t like her family…untitled.pngKendall is my favourite Kardashian/Jenner, due to the fact that she is doing something with her fame. She wanted to be a model, so she took the opportunity by the horns and did it. She isn’t so much famous for being Kim’s little sister anymore, which I bet she appreciates.

Okay, so onto this makeup look! Its inspired by a photo of Kendall (left) that I love, but it’s basically a very easy neutral eye. I’m going to show you an easy way of getting freckles too, which she has in the picture.

I have already done my base, so let’s get started with the eyes! Ready? Okay, let’s get to it…


First things first, you need to prime your lids. We don’t want the shadows going anywhere! I used the Makeup Revolution eye primer to do this and just blended it in with my fingers. I used a fluffy brush to set the primer with a shadow the same colour as my skin too. I used the MO shadow in Bone, (£2.00/$2.49). We now have an even base to work with.


TWO: TRANSITIONS20170225_120250.jpg

Now that we have a base, we need our transition colour. The colour that I am using is another MO shade. It’s called Ginger(£2.00/$2.49). I just pop that into my crease using a base shadow brush by real techniques and a fluffy brush to blend it out.

I have pictured both below to show beginners the types of brushes that you will be needing. If you want it to be a natural eye look, use the base shadow brush and a small fluffy brush to blend the colour into your skin. If you want it to be a little more smoked out, then use a fluffy brush to start off with. The bigger the fluffy brush, the bigger the effect, also.

You should have something that looks a little like this:



I would suggest, if you want to have colour on your lid, that you use your usual bronzer instead of a shadow from a palette. Kendall has her cheeks matching her eyes, I noticed, so that is why I decided to put my bronzer all over my lid at this point. Put this under your eye too, but make sure that it is very tight to the lashline.

If you don’t use bronzer, then use your transition colour all over your lid instead.


20170225_150450.jpgIt’s just a rule of thumb that your crease should be darker than your lid, so pick a colour that is darker than your lid colour; a chocolate brown will do for most people. I used drizzle from the I Heart Makeup Salted Caramel palette (£7.99/$9.96).

Fluff your chosen colour into your crease (over the transition colour) with a very light hand. Doing this will make sure that it has a gradient effect.

If you’re having trouble, take a mixture of the base shadow that you first used and the transition to blend out the harsh area you’re having trouble with. It will help immensely, I promise!



20170225_122714.jpgFor the finishing touches, take a tiny amount of highlight, any you like, and pop it into your inner corners. I patted mine down with my finger to blend it a little. In the picture, Kendall has a very subtle inner corner highlight, so that is why we are doing this.

I used another shade from the I Heart Makeup Salted Caramel palette, as it was easy, and a very small and flat brush from Eco Tools. This shimmer is called Yum!.


20170225_125118.jpgKendall doesn’t appear to be wearing false lashes, (yay, because that is something on my list of things to learn), so we are just going to try and make our lashes look as pretty as hers using mascara and eyelash curlers. I curled my lashes ten times each, then took the best drugstore mascara ever: Barry M, Extra Lengthening Showgirl mascara (£4.99/$6.22), and layered that ish until my eyelashes were looking long and beautiful.

After that, and I know you’re not supposed to, I curled my lashes again… I liked the effect it gave, okay?

Once that was done, I used the excess mascara that was on the wand on my lower lashes so that they were lightly coated, therefore looked feathery.



Feel free to do this before mascara, but I like to do it afterwards. To complete the eyes, take a black eyeliner pencil and tight-line your eyes. This will make it appear as if your lash line is fuller.

If your eyes aren’t so big as Kendall’s, then I wouldn’t recommend doing this step. Black liner makes your eyes look smaller, therefore wont be doing you any favours! Instead, you can get a white pencil liner and line only your waterline with it. This will give the effect of bigger eyes. If you want to try to, you can then use black on your upper waterline.


20170225_133119.jpgFreckles, believe it or not, are easy to fake. All you need to do is take a soft brown shadow, an orange-y brown shadow, or brow pomade, with a small detailer brush (pictured left) and lightly dot your chosen pigment over your cheeks and nose very lightly. If you do it heavily, it will look fake and messy. Be careful!

You can even add some on your forehead and chin too to make it look even more believable.

To make sure that the freckles aren’t too prominent, you can take a translucent powder and powder over them, as this will give the illusion that they are a part of your skin.


You wont need to do anything with the lips unless you feel the need to. If you feel comfortable doing so, keep the lips natural, as that is the best way to get a natural lip colour, after all.

After doing that, you’re done!

This is how the look turned out on me:


Without Freckles


With Freckles

Let me know if you liked this in the comments! Even better, tell me which celebrity makeup you would like me to do next!

I hope you enjoyed reading this,

Millie x




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